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Help me start out with cloth nappies

Help me start out with cloth nappies

We get many emails from new parents to cloth nappies asking what to buy for their new baby. 

Cloth nappies are mostly personal preference but having cloth nappied my own 3 babies and seen the experiences of my own customers the following is my recommendations.

Which One Size Nappy should I choose?

We have a range of trial packs that you can get different nappies to try. One of each style that you are interested in can give you a chance to try before investing in a full stash of one style. 

If you want to skip the trial pack option and jump right in, Our most popular nappy is the Bare Cub AI2. Its versatile, easy to use and its the most popular choice among our customers. I generally recommend this nappy to new parents as it fits most babies very well, gives great absorbency, a trim fit and its an All in Two which is generally the most popular choice among cloth nappy users. You can buy extra inserts, so you can get more use out of the covers if you'd like to save some money. Many parents do this at the start (for example 10 covers and 20 inserts) and then over time buy more covers in prints they like to make up more full nappies'

I recommend 25-30 cloth nappies for full time use. We offer a bundle deal so rather then give you a pack, we ask you to choose your own prints and nappies and then you apply the discount so you get exactly what you'd like. You can choose between styles to get your own pack (you might want some All in One, All in Two and even some Teddy Bare side snap nappies - you can create whatever you like with your discount applied). 

Why would I choose an All in One nappy?
Some parents prefer to do no assembly for their nappies. If this is you, have a look at the Bare Cub AIO. This nappy is the same great fit as our Bare Cub AI2, but all the absorbency is sewn in making it a very convenient nappy. 

Why choose the Teddy Bare Side Snapping Nappy?
Side Snapping nappies allow you to adjust the waist and legs separately. No rise snaps make them easy to fit, though they can be a bit bulkier as you can fold away the excess fabric on little babies. 

What else should I think about buying?
As a minimalist I generally encourage parents to start using their nappies to determine their needs. But as a general recommendation, many parents like a couple of wet bags to store their nappies in for out and about. If you'd like to use the nappies at night time, add a few trifold night boosters in. These can also be handy for longer naps.

We also sell a range of bibs, smocks, change mats and then clothing to match the nappies so we offer a broad range of products for our customers. 

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