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The tale of the leaking nappy...

The tale of the leaking nappy...

Leaks... They happen at some point or another. It's important to remember that leaks can be addressed quite easily. Here is a few simple steps to troubleshoot your cloth nappy leaks. 

1. Is your nappy soaking or dry?
A soaking nappy tells you that the nappy has been out wet. More absorbency is needed or the nappy needs to be changed more frequently.

A dry nappy tells you that there is a fit issue. The nappy needs to be adjusted in some way to address the leak.

2. Things to consider:

  • Some babies are flooders. This means they let a lot of fluid out at once and its too much and too quickly for the nappy to cope. The best way to address this is to either use microfibre in the nappy OR put bamboo right against the skin with no stay dry layer as this layer can slow down absorption.
  • Are there any gaps around the legs or waist? The nappy should sit firm against your baby with out a gap. 
  • Is the rise adjustment too tight or loose? The nappy should look firm but not tight. Too tight and its like squeezing the fluid out. Too loose and the nappy isn't flush with your baby to create a good situation for absorbency to be optimal. 
  • Is your excess rise folded up under the snaps. See this blog for assistance with folding the rise.
  • If the front of your nappy is soaked and the back is dry - try folding one of the boosters in half and placing into the front. This adds more layers where they are needed without having to add more absorbency.

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