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Play Mats

Baby Bare play mats are a fun and safe way for children to explore and learn through play. These colourful and interactive mats come in a variety of designs and themes, such as florals,  native animals, and bright colours. They provide a soft and cushioned surface for babies to crawl and roll on, and a designated space for older children to play with their toys or build forts. Play mats can also help to protect floors and carpets from spills, scratches, and stains. With their bright colours and engaging designs, play mats can stimulate a child's imagination, enhance their sensory and motor skills, and encourage social interaction with other children. Whether used at home, in daycare, or on-the-go, our play mats are a must-have item for any family with young children.

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  • We were kindly gifted one of these play mats and I had to leave a review as we love it. We have 2 children and both love it. It fits perfectly in the play room and is such a good size for both kids to play on it. We love that it’s quilted which gives it a bit of a cushion on our hard floor! And it’s great that it’s doubled sided with a super cute pattern underneath. I can see us taking this away on holiday with us too!


  • Love these mats. Wish I had bought one when my son was little. They are great as a mat for messy art time, or nappy free time. We have two now, both minky. Both are used everyday.


Light & portable but comfortably padded, they are the perfect gift - and one for you, one for home, one for the car...