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We get lots of questions about our different modern cloth nappy options at Baby Bare. This is a thorough guide to the differences, similarities, pros and cons of each cloth nappy.

Cloth Nappies: One Size Fits Most Styles

We have a comprehensive range of cloth nappies at Baby Bare. We have made a detailed listing below to help you understand the features of each for our one size nappies. All our one size nappies feature:

  • Adjustable fit to last from 3.5-17kg. 
  • High absorbency bamboo fleece, terry or velour fabric that holds double its weight in liquid. 
  • Easy washing up to 60 degrees and inserts can go in the dryer. 
  • Ethical manufacturing.

Bare Cub AI2

Our most popular nappy. This nappy is trim fitting and fits from 3.5-17kg. 
The absorbent inserts snap in and out of the nappy for easy washing. The nappy has a pocket for extra boosting during naps or heavier wetters (we recommend a trifold or extra bamboo rectangle). This nappy adjusts in size using the snaps down the front of the rise. 

Cloth nappy featuring cute dinosaurs


Bare Cub AIO

This modern cloth nappy style is the easiest to use. The inserts are sewn into the cover and there is no assembly. Simply wash, dry and reuse. This nappy fits from 3.5-17kg. Adjust the size of the nappy with the snaps down the front of the rise. 

A cloth nappy in minky fabric with a colourful bubble print


Teddy Bare Side Snapping Nappy

The Side snapping style is popular as it gives the ability to better adjust the nappy around the waist and thighs with a double row of snaps. No rise adjustment is necessary. 

Two teddy side snapping cloth nappies

Honey Pot Fitted Night Nappy

The softest nappy you will find, these keep your little ones dry and comfortable day or night. Available in a range of stunning colours, they make change time enjoyable. Add a Honey Wrap cover to make water proof.

A cloth night nappy
PUL or Minky?


We are often asked the difference between our PUL nappies and our Minky.

Both are water resistant and do not require any extra cover.

PUL is a flat/smooth Polyester fabric and Minky is a fluffy fabric with a 2.5mm pile to it. It is softer, much like a velour feel.

Some parents prefer the feel to one over the other. Others prefer the look of one fabric over the other. Essentially, both function the same but look and feel different.

A minky cloth nappy

Close look at this minky nappy shows the fluffy pile.

A plain colour PUL cloth nappy

This nappy is PUL. You can see it is smooth and has a slight shine to it.

PUL is slightly trimmer as the actual fabric is thinner. This difference is not significant, but it is a difference.