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We are dedicated to creating a better future for our children and yours.

Terms of Service

At Baby Bare, we aim to provide your products at an affordable price with great service. By purchasing from Baby Bare, you agree to all our policies as detailed below.

  • Please ensure you have checked your order thoroughly prior to check out. 
  • PLEASE check your order confirmation has your notes, as we will not issue a return at our expense for no notes. Please email us if there is any problem with your order as soon as you receive you order confirmation.
  • It is your responsibility to check your order to ensure all items have been received and are correct. You must notify us within 7 days of receiving your order of any issues with the products.
  • We will send your items as ordered. Please do not leave notes instructing to change your order. Please use the selections on the website to place your order as you want to receive it.




We aim to ship your product within 2 business days from the time we receive your order. We use Royal Mail and Hermes couriers for all of our domestic shipping.

A flat postage rate of £2.45 per order including insurance applies to all online orders within the Royal Mail domestic network.

Please note that we cannot take responsibility for items damaged during delivery. If you receive a parcel from us that appears to have been damaged or tampered with, you should address the issue immediately. If your goods are damaged as a result of damage to the packaging, you will need to contact Royal Mail or Hermes directly to place a complaint. They offer compensation for such incidents. Ensure you keep the original packaging and goods to show them. Please also let us know this has occurred so we can assist you and ensure the matter is resolved and you are left happy and satisfied.

When an order contains a pre-order or back ordered items, we will wait until all items are available so that we can ship everything together.

The delivery cost will be displayed at checkout. If we do not know the final price for postage (in the case of international destinations), we will charge shipping separately. Please contact us for a quote for shipping in these cases.

Delayed, lost and damaged parcels

We use Royal Mail and Evri for all our parcel deliveries. When your parcel is sent you will receive a tracking number on all orders over £12. Postable orders under £12 may be sent Royal Mail second class.

Sometimes, parcels can take longer than expected. Please understand that this is completely out of our control. When a parcel is taking longer than usual, it is important it is given ample time to be delivered. Royal Mail will not conduct an investigation into your parcel until the service standard is exceeded.

We have implemented an insurance cost into each order to cover lost parcels. This is included in your £2.45 postage charge. The conditions of this are as follows:

Parcels that are shown as delivered 

You must lodge a dispute through Paypal as they insure you for parcels that are marked as delivered, but not received. Please alert us to this issue via email, and we can assist you in lodging your claim.

Parcels lost in transit

When a parcel stops moving through the Royal Mail or Hermes network, an investigation must be started. This takes 3-5 business days. You must contact us to arrange this investigation. Please be aware that the carrier will not start an investigation until their normal delivery timeframe has been exceeded. At the conclusion of the investigation, if your parcel is deemed lost, we will organise a replacement to be sent to you. We will not resend parcels until they are determined lost by a carrier at the conclusion of an investigation. Please note that in the majority of cases, parcels do turn up.

If your parcel subsequently arrives after a replacement has been sent, you must return it to Baby Bare Nappies. Do not open it simply return to sender.

International Shipping Additional Customs Charges

In some circumstances, you may have to pay some or all of the following after you have paid for your order:

  • Customs duties (packages valued more than €150)
  • Import VAT
  • Handling or processing fees.
We advise you check for additional costs so that you can work out exactly how much goods will be and make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with your purchase. 



All orders are final. Once an order is placed we are unable to make changes to that order. This is due to the number of enquiries received and our commitment to shipping orders quickly. Where a request is made to change an order, and it is not responded to, and the order ships, we will not be liable for costs arising to make changes. We will not exchange or reship at our expense. Customers are given three opportunities to review their order before a final confirmation, and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they have selected the correct products from our online store. 

We will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours if there is a problem with your order such as colours of stock or payment.

While we endeavour to follow any instructions provided in the comments section during the checkout process, we cannot guarantee that they will be followed. We reserve the right to process your order without regard to these comments where necessary. 


Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo is a super absorbent and effective material for nappies. For this reason we use it in all of our nappies. 

Bamboo is not as hardy as some other fabrics like synthetics. It requires proper care to maintain its composition. Nappies must be washed regularly, with enough water and with effective detergent. 

Yellowing, browning, smells and staining all indicate that the wash routine is not sufficient to maintain the fabric. It is the responsibility of the customer to check that their bamboo fabrics are clean and not deteriorating. We do not replace inserts for deterioration as this is a result of improper washing or care. it is unusual for customers to experience deterioration, but please be aware this is not covered by the warranty. You should consider this before purchasing bamboo nappies as they may not be suitable for every child.



Many of our products are made by hand and/or contain natural materials. As such, there will be slight variations in sizing and shape between different units and different batches. This will not affect the fit or use of the product. We will not refund or replace nappies for slight variations between items. 

In particular, variations in the bamboo fabrics being used may cause differences in the size of inserts in different batches. These size variations will not affect the nappies function or insert's absorbency. Some bamboo will contract more in different washing cycles and at different temperatures. If this bothers you, you can generally stretch it back into shape when wet.

We take no responsibility for slight variations in the colour representation of our products on our website. We try our best to represent these honestly and to the best of our ability with high quality photographs. Please understand there may be slight variation between colour and the colours on your computer monitor.



Our products must only be used as described on our site or within any material distributed to you from Baby Bare. Responsibility will not be taken due to any injury or damage caused from misuse of our products. 

You must thoroughly wash all products before their first use to ensure they are clean, and to help boost their absorbency. All nappies and accessories must be hygienically cleaned and dried completely between uses. 

Please do not use any accessory or aid with the use of our products (such as safety pins, ties, ribbons, etc). These can pose a safety risk to your child. 

It is the responsibility of the parent or carer to ensure they only use nappies in perfect working order. Please check your nappies after every wash and prior to fitting them to your child. Do not fit your child with a nappy that has loose or exposed elastic, loose snaps, or any other fault that could potentially cause harm to your child. 


Discount Offers & Codes

Discount codes and other promotions cannot be used in conjunction with other offers unless otherwise indicated. Discount offers like our nappy bundle deal will apply to most of our nappies, nappy covers and sale items, but do not apply to nappies that are already 50% reduced.  Discount codes can end at anytime unless otherwise stated by us elsewhere.


Photo Use 

By using #babybareclothnappiesuk or tagging us on social media you agree to allow Baby Bare (UK and Australia) and their retail partners to use your image in our social media posts, on our website and in our subscriber emails.

All images submitted in this way will go into a random draw with the chance to win a Baby Bare Gift Voucher.