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Full Baby Bare Nappy Pack

  • £50.00
  • £50.00

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Full OFSM Baby Bare nappy range £50

  • Bare Cub AI2
  • Bare Cub AIO
  • Teddy (side snapping nappy)
  • Honey Pot Fitted Night Nappy with Honey Wrap Cover with snap closure



  • No exchange on discount nappy packs.
  • Only one discount pack per order. This is due to the significantly reduced price of these packs.
  • No changes / substitutions to the items included in the packs - packs will be sent exactly as listed here. Special requests cannot be accommodated. If the pack is unsuitable for you, please consider buying the items individually.
  • Print preferences cannot always be accommodated. Nappies are chosen from overstocked prints. You may let us know if you have a favourite print or that you prefer bright colours for example, and we will try our best to accommodate this where we can. Please contact us at with your preferences. We will not contact customers who make specific preferences that we cannot fill. By purchasing these deals, you accept that it is a value pack and that the prints / colours can not be guaranteed. If you would like specific prints, please purchase the nappies individually.
  • We try our best to select suitable prints, however if you are particular about colours, we request you order nappies individually. We cannot be responsible for our view of unisex, blue tones etc. differing from your own. We will not return or refund nappies because you are unhappy with the prints chosen. Our decision on the prints in your pack is final.
  • Packs will include a mix of both PUL or Minky fabric nappies for you to try. Again, if you have a strong preference for either please do let us know and we will try (but can't guarantee) to accommodate.


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