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Using cloth nappies second time round

Using cloth nappies second time round

Hi, I’m Sherie a mum to two beautiful girls aged 4 years and 4 months. I used cloth nappies with my eldest for about 2 years and am using them again with my youngest.

I started using cloth with my eldest daughter at 9 months old. Even though we’d decide to use cloth nappies while I was pregnant I felt overwhelmed by it all and didn’t know where to start. This was on top of being a first time mum and figuring all that out too! But I’d heard that with reusable nappies we’d get less leaks, they’d be kinder on my daughter’s skin and look super cute (I’m a sucker for a pretty nappy).

 I felt overwhelmed with all the different styles, brands and wash routines. It felt like too much to figure out with lots of differing advice. So I started simple, tried a couple of brands and styles and went from there, using a couple of reusable nappies each day. We tried and like a few of Baby Bare’s different styles and the Full Baby Bare Nappy Pack is perfect to try out each of their styles, plus really good value too.

After that it didn’t take long for us to get into a routine and we went on to use them full time for about 2 years. Even after potty training when we stored our nappies away, we still used lots of the accessories such as wet bags, cloth wipes and smocks. The Baby Bare mini wet bags have worked really well and are such a good size for nappies, clothes, snacks, toys and more.

Being more experienced now I thought we’d use cloth nappies from birth with my second but the reality has been different. We did use newborn nappies but not right away; recovering from labour and adjusting to having two kids meant I just didn’t have the time or head space to get myself sorted.

We’ve now grown into birth-to-potty size and are using cloth nappies part time. The plan is to try and get to full time soon but with lots of viruses, sleep deprivation and juggling our new life as a four we’ve only been able to use cloth nappies for a few weeks, taken a break for a week or two, then gone back to it.

Before I might have felt bad about not using cloth nappies full time, worrying that we weren’t saving money or weren’t saving disposables from landfill. But I’ve learnt not to put that sort of pressure on myself and remember that using cloth should be easy, fun and shouldn’t feel like a chore.

Sherie x

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