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Baby Bare Artists

Baby Bare Artists

It's all in the details. Our prints are perfection and designed by female artists, and they are so endearing for your little one!

Sally Gregory - Artist

Sally Gregory is an illustrator and photographer who lives outside of Ballarat Victoria with her husband, 2 year old son, Sonny & new bub Finley. From her many years teaching music and art both privately and in local primary schools, she has developed a love of children’s picture story book illustration and art. Sally’s inspiration comes from a love of nature and being outdoors, her upbringing in rural Victoria and time spent living and traveling through Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Alaska. Sally has recently discovered fabric design after being inspired to create colourful and playful designs for her child to wear.

Sally's photography talent first came to light for us when she entered an 'On the Bum' competition with photos of her son Sonny wearing Baby Bare nappies.  This has developed in to Sally being one of our main photographers for the marketing of our collections, and more recently designing prints for our nappies. Sugar Gliders, released in June 2020 was her first print for Baby Bare.

You can find more of Sally's art on Instagram @sallygregoryillustrator

Helen King - Artist

Art is a wonderful subject that can be enjoyed by everybody. Helen loves that she can create a completely made up image that doesn’t “exist” and is only limited by imagination.

Helen enjoys working in almost any medium: Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Watercolour. She is fortunate to have worked in a variety of roles over the years as a traditional artist, illustrator & graphic designer, including Walt Disney Animation Australia, Val Morgan Cinema Advertising & TV.

"There are definite themes I tend to lean towards – ocean/surf, animals and colourful flowers, however I really just love the joy of painting anything that is light and uplifting in some way. I believe everyone is an artist… but it is expressed differently with everyone, so it’s just finding the right medium that suits the individual.

I love that Baby Bare are not only producing a wonderful product but also using unique, creative art to feature on their fabrics".

You will see some of Helen's beautiful artwork in our 'With Love' collection, released in September 2020.

You can find more of Helen's art and photography ~


Instagram @helenking_artist

Kathy Bath - Artist

Kathy took up watercolour painting during her retirement. After a career as a TAFE teacher and adult educator, painting is a new challenge. Kathy has taught herself how to paint and enjoys trying new techniques. 

She enjoys painting a range of things from florals to scenery and experimenting with techniques. Seeing her artwork come to life on our nappies has been a fun and rewarding experience. She's often working together with Jenny to compose the perfect print - that's no surprise as she's Jenny's wonderful mum. Fantails and Kookaburra Sunset are just two of Kathy's wonderful contributions to our little brand. 

Kathy has enjoyed using Baby Bare nappies on her grandchildren and is now excited to see them wearing her own artwork.  

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