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Are you passionate about cloth nappies?

Are you passionate about cloth nappies?

We're asking because the cloth nappy community needs your help. In this post covid world we have seen a huge decrease in new parents looking to do cloth. Businesses are closing down because of this and others are downsizing.

We are being asked when we will release new products and prints, but we overstocked because of this which has unfortunately resulted in a longer delay between collections. But the good news is we will be releasing new prints in the UK later this Spring!

Share the love of cloth by commenting on posts, liking posts and sharing to increase the reach the cloth nappy community has. If you love a brand, get behind them. Many new parents have not had the chance to attend expo's or parent's groups where they may have had the chance to talk to other parents about using cloth. Increasing awareness of cloth nappy use is key.

And as always, if we can help you in your cloth nappy use, in any way, please let us know.

The Baby Bare Team

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