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A New Year, why not make the change and save some change with cloth nappies

A New Year, why not make the change and save some change with cloth nappies

Cloth nappies are the go for 2024! With ever rising living costs, tighter household budgets and the ongoing environmental concerns, its time to rethink ways you can make small changes that save big! 

You might have heard the buzz about cloth nappies making a comeback, but you probably don't know that cloth nappies are not what they were. If you're wondering what the hype is all about keep reading... these nappies are gaining popularity for five fantastic reasons: they save you money, they're eco-friendly, they steer clear of chemicals, they're easy to use, and they look downright stylish!

  1. Huge Cost Savings... 

Let's dive into the financial aspect. While cloth nappies may seem like a large initial investment, they turn out to be a wallet-friendly superhero in the long run. Unlike disposable diapers that continuously drain your budget, cloth nappies are durable and reusable. Think of them as an investment that keeps on giving. Plus, when you're done with them, you can pass them on to another parent, ensuring the cost-effectiveness goes on.

If you shop in our current sale you could be set up with 20 cloth nappies for just £180. With an average monthly cost of disposables being almost £30/40 you would start seeing the savings with eight or so weeks. You could then add a few more nappies if you needed them to ease the pressure of washing. 

  1. Less Waste, More Environmental Love

Who wants to be surrounded by a mountain of disposable diapers? Not us! Cloth nappies are the eco-conscious choice, reducing the burden on landfills. Disposable diapers stick around for centuries, but cloth nappies are the eco-friendly warriors of diapering, reducing waste and letting you contribute to a greener planet. They even come in bio-friendly options for an environmentally guilt-free diapering experience.

  1. Prioritising Baby's Skin Health

Babies have the softest, most delicate skin, so why expose them to nappies loaded with chemicals? Cloth nappies offer a breath of fresh air – crafted from natural, comfortable fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo. No harmful substances here, just pure, chemical-free goodness that keeps your little one content and rash-free. 

  1. No folding, pinning or fiddling around. 

Remember the days of complex cloth diaper origami? Well, those are ancient history. In 2024, cloth nappies are as easy as pie. Snaps, adjustable sizes, leak-resistant features – they've got it all. With various styles to suit every parent's preferences – all-in-ones, pocket diapers, hybrids – nappy changes have never been more straightforward. Give them a go and you'll be converted! 

  1. From Cute to Adorable!

Who says diapers can't be a fashion statement? Cloth nappies are hitting the baby runway with a spectrum of colors, charming patterns, and designs that will make your heart melt. Forget about plain white squares – we're talking about Aussie artist artwork, on fabric and now on your babies bottom! There's a vast world of colour and print options awaiting you. Get ready for the excitement of "fluff mail" – receiving a package of adorable cloth nappies is like Christmas morning.


In a nutshell, cloth nappies are the parenting must haves in 2024. If you're not convinced, jump on and buy just a few nappies and give them a go. You'll very quickly realise how easy it is while saving a fortune!

Find our cloth nappy range here.

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