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Everything here is 50% off the original price, many of these items are last in stock. Grab a super bargain before they are gone!

*Please note the nappy bundle discount does not apply to these nappies.

Ai2 Cloth Nappies - OSFM All in Two. Comes with three pieces (cover, snap insert & booster).

Honey Wrap Covers- Our Honey Wraps are a double-gussetted PUL cover designed to go over prefolds, fitted nappies, or flats

Change Mats - 100cm x 70cm, double layer PUL.

Double Wet bags - Two bags in one. Waterproof minky or PUL outer and additional PUL lining to keep everything dry. Main bag measures 35cm x 40cm, smaller snap on bag measures 20cm x 30cm. Fits 8-10 nappies.

Mini Wet bags - In PUL or Minky they have a layer of water resistant PUL. Measures 18cm x 25cm. Fits up to 2 nappies.