Pack 1 - Bare Cub AI2, AIO & Teddy

  • £36.00

Pack 1

Try our three signature Baby Bare nappies for £36.

  • Bare Cub AI2
  • Bare Cub AIO
  • Teddy (side snapping nappy)


Indicative Prints

Animals - Among the Gum Trees, Fairy Wren, Farmyard,  Finley's Frogs, Into the Woods, King of the Jungle, No Prob-Llama, Otterly Adorable, Sea Turtles, Sugar Gliders

Blue Tones - Blueberry Slushie, Carousel, Inky, Luna, From the Astronomy Tower, Magical Mushrooms

Colourful - Bubbly, Magical Mushrooms, Rainbow Rain, Over the Rainbow

Floral - Crimson Crush, Crystal Butterflies, Fleur, In Bloom, Sweet Magnolias, Rosie, Remembrance, Wildflowers

Pink Tones - Crystal Butterflies, Fairy Floss, Pink Lemonade, Squawks, Sweet Magnolias

Summer NEW - Bubbly, Sea Turtles, Shelly Beach, The Beach, The Tropics