How do you get that super neat fit with the rise snapped?

Example in the photos is the newborn snap setting (smallest)


1. Lay your cloth nappy out flat (print facing you)

2. Fold the front down so the lining is facing up to you.

3.Flip the top of the nappy back over so you can see the waist snaps

4. Ready to go. Put on bub like this with the inner lining folded up behind the waist snaps.


You should have no fabric poking out the side of the nappy and all should be folded upwards. This will give you a neat fit and avoid leaks in your cloth nappy.

Still not sure or need more advice on leaks or fit, watch this in-depth video with Jenny who designed the nappy to take you through step by step.



  • Posted by Tricia on

    Hi Everyone I have created this section to post helpful tips for parents using our product, It is open to all to contribute. You will also be made aware of upcoming promotions and product releases here before anyone else so please participate as much as you like and lets all learn from each other!

  • Posted by Gabriella on

    Hi :) would you be able to show how the insert would look in the nappy when it’s on the smallest or second rise. I have a heavy wetter so both inserts would need to be used . Thank you

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